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Monday, January 24, 2005

I didn't have to go to jury duty. I have no one to watch my kids after school. I actually think it would be interesting, but I can't leave my kids home alone after school yet.

Wal-Mart just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There are two of them opening around here in the next week or so. They are only a few miles apart from each other and the towns around here are not very large. Its ok by me, I like Wally World. Of course they probably like me too, seeing as I spend lots of money there.

My son turned eleven a couple of Saturdays ago. He grew 4 inches over the last year and he is now only four inches shorter than I am. His feet are larger than mine, like a big puppy who has to grow into the big paws. sigh* "Sunrise... Sunset... sunrise ... sunset......"


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