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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Last Saturdays chili cookoff was fun. My husbands chili , this year, won the "Most Desired By a Cracker" award. That was the one he was shooting for. He puts half a sleeve of crackers in his bowl of chili. There was some pretty hot chili there too. I did not taste them all. I am a mild chili person. Our recipe is kid friendly.

Another busy week at school. Yesterday the kids got to dress up in their costumes for school and they had a parade in the morning. The teachers have been going all out to suprize everyone with their costumes. This year the second grade teachers all piled out of a black suv wearing black suits and masks of past presidents. The presidential music was playing loudly too. Another group were the seven dwarves, and some got together as one long caterpillar. It was a fun day of partying and no work.

Tonight we took the kids to a city festival to get candy and have some fun. Then we drove them around trick-or-treating. They got MUCH candy. They are picky eaters and don't like 90% of what they got, but they had fun getting it.

Friday, October 22, 2004

ir are having a chili cook off at church tomorrow evening. We did this a few years ago and my hubands chili (yes the men have to cook it) won the certificate for the ugliest chili. He is the one who came up with the different awards , so it was his own fault. Needless to say this year the ugliest category is no more.

My children went to bed tonight saying their tummies and heads hurt. I asked probing questions to see if I should be worried..... I found out that they had been spinning in circles in the living room until they dropped. My daughter said " I'm not doing that again". At least not until her brother leads her again into temptation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Last Saturday we drove to Atlanta with two teenagers and our daughter in the car. The young man slept the whole way there and then almost the whole way back. My daughter loved playing with the young woman. It was a trip for church. My son stayed all day at a friends house. They played Gameboy, traded Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon cards and got to go to Pizza Hut for lunch. He was in heaven.
For lunch at the school today they had Cheesburger bites. The taste wasn't too bad, but they had so much grease in them.... I actually like what they serve most of the time. The teachers have the option of ordering a pre made salad if they wish. I like it when they have the salad and baked potato combo.
Our new puppy has gotten use to us and runs up to the gate to get petted along with Charlie. He is a little bit jealous and tries to push her away from the petting sometimes.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Subbed today for the music teacher at the Primary school. I love music. I am not trained in it, but I just enjoy it. We played musical chairs. The kids can get loud but it was fun.
I also baked a cake for my daughters second grade class. The story this week was "HedgeHog Bakes a Cake".

I know I just ramble on in this blog about my life. but Such is the life of a middle class wife, mother, homemaker-substitute teacher.

I wish for wisdom
And humor too
To give to family
And all of you
I pray for strength
To see each day
In a bright
And sunny way
I'm thankful to
Our God above
For all the things
He gives in Love

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I have been subbing a lot. And I am booked every day next week. My husband was off Friday and Monday. The kids didn't think that was fair, they had to go to school. But then the kids were out yesterday and my daughter said that it was revenge day... Hubby spent some of his time making sure his hunting spot was ready for the season. We certainly don't make up in meat the cost of all the hunting stuff he gets; but it is a hobby for him and he enjoys it. There were deer tracks around his stand. He just hopes they show up when he is in it.
Last week we got another pupppy. A female beagle to go with our male beagle. My husband named her Candy. He said that she is Charlie's candy. (Oh brother). He would like to give my father-in-law a puppy when they have some.
Tonight we are taking the kids to the circus. A small show under a tent is coming to town for one night. My daughter is excited.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Time has traveled fast. We went to Alabama to my niece's wedding. She was a beautiful bride. Her Mom (my sister) looked worn out, but pretty in a gold toned pant suit. The cake was good! Lots of family was there.
When we travel through Atlanta, we go along a stretch of I-75 where the planes landing at the airport fly real low over. It is kind of cool to hear and see a plane almost right on top of you. There was also a smog alert when we passed through. Don't go outside and breath!
We stayed at my inlaws house. They live in the country in north AL. It was nice to get up in the moring to cool fresh air and see the beautiful green hills all around. Here, we have nothing but flat, no hills. We were also awakened by the braying of "Grandad's" donkey. He actually has about 5 of them, and one horse, which my daughter claims as hers.
Tonight my daughter asked to use her Easy Bake Oven. Of course you can guess who actually does most of the cooking. She does do the mixing, though. The instructions say for children 8 and up. My daughter is only 7. I think by the time they get old enough to use it by themselves, they lose interest.