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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ode to Jeanne

Oh Jeanne.. Oh Jeanne... just go away
Don't come back another day
Charley, Frances, Ivan too
Have all been here ..
Oh why do you
Follow them right to my door
I don't want no hurricanes no more

Saturday, September 25, 2004

My husband and I walked this morning with a team in the Relay For Life. Our slot fell at 6 am. sigh* I was nice out at that time in the a.m. Our dog was not use to us being out and about that early and when we walked back home about 7 ish, he growled until he knew who we were. Actually that is being a good dog. Get them strangers! We all went last night too, and bought some supper and goodies and gew gaws for the cause. (fighting cancer).

I worked yesterday in the Elemenatry School library. I love it there. It was a very busy day. They have good incentives to get kids to read with the AR program.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This weekend I went with our church group to a pottery shop. It was actually a ceramics shop. My mother use to do ceramics. She made those Christmas trees that you put lights in. The girls and I got to pick out and paint a small object. I picked a small watermelon shaped bowl. They kept them to glaze and fire in the kiln. It was fun.
Last night I watched the season end of my guilty pleasures. Big Brother and The Amazing Race. The A. Race out classed BB, but it is interesting to watch humans interact sometimes. Both shows were won by nice people for a change. I also like Survivor, which just started.
We are going up to my niece's wedding on Oct. 2. The first of my parents grandchildren to get married. It is a 7 hour trip, and a whirlwind one for us.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I had a day home from school. I was playing with a paint shop program. I go to my sister Terry for help. I was finally able to do a small picture. When I have more time I will fiddle with more. It is just a 30 day trial program I have. I might get addicted and have to buy it.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ivan! .. Ivan! .. go away..
Ivan!.. Ivan!.. don't you stay..
Raining.. raining.. all around
Flooding.. flooding.. on the ground
Windy.. windy.. hear it blow
Flying.. flying.. watch it go
Family.. family.. hunker down
When Ivan comes get out of town

Ivan! you are terrible...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Her - i- canes and Him-i-canes.... several of the storms this year have had my family names. Tropical storm "Bonnie" hurricane "Charlie" (my dog) Hurricane "Jeanne" (one of my sisters) . Ivan will be effecting some of my family the next few days. I hope they have their row boats ready and the hatches battened down...
I have a friend whose husband drives a truck for a local company. They have been delivering stuff to Florida for the victums. They are paying him 450.00$ extra a day to be in the panhandle and just sit through the storm there with a truck load of bottled water... As long has he can sit in the shelter and not in his truck...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

At church today we had our annual childrens program. They always do a good job. I feel that the children are closer to God than most adults. I teach them the songs that go with the program, I love the singing..

Friday I subbed in my daughter's 2nd grade class. It was movie day so we didn't do any work after lunch.

My mind went blank. It must be bedtime. I need to get out more. We have a once a week newspaper here. If anything in town happens more often we have to rely on word of mouth.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

There was no school on the 8th either. We have lots of dirt roads here. One teacher told me that a couple of roads were cut in half with the flooding. I guess it would be hard to take a bus down that road. We ended up with more than 6 inches of rain.
We have cable here, but the storm knocked out one of the companies towers , and I haven't been able to get one of my favorite stations since monday afternoon. I am having to make due with the CSI marathon on Spike TV. And I have run out of books to read. I don't like buying just any book on the shelf. I want recommendations on good books without sex in them. That is annoying when the story has that in it. I want good stories. I have been crocheting with some of my left over yarn. I make baby blankets , mostly. My seven year old daughter said she wanted one. I said no, she has too many blankies already :) I have some felt I got on sale too. I like to make baby quilts with it.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I was in pre-k everyday last week. At times you could pull your hair out, but then you get attached to the little folks. I always felt time flew by when you are busy. Those of you who keep a daily blog and work full time .... I salute your faithfulness.
The last two days we have been fighting , or I should say watching, the wind and rain. We have heard many things falling on our roof; branches, pecans etc... The power blinks sometimes in a really strong gust. Last night the power blinked and it made the old (previously thought to be broken) door bell, ring, it must just have a loose wire. The kids get an extra day off of school today. I heard 56 school systems in GA are out today. Of course the kids are crushed.. lol

Another way that south GA is different than north AL... Hurricanes...