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Saturday, July 31, 2004

We had an activity at church tonight... we played the newlywed game for the married couples. They asked the men and women each ten questions. It was fun. My hubby and I won with 14 points and all the other couples came in second with 13 points. We won a free night of babysitting. Yea! ( How about next Saturday....) The food was good, We had roast beef with gravy and potatoes and green beans and rolls and seven layer salad and banana pudding for dessert. I ate until I could eat no more... the roast and gravy was sooooo good. The kids had games and activities and pizza in another room.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

School starts in 8 days....  enough said

Actually I like having my kids around.  Yesterday was Wal-ly Mart shopping day.  I will miss having some one(s) to eat lunch with at the Snack Bar. 

Came home from a meeting last evening to find my husband in the attic looking for a leak in the roof over our sons room.  He is over 6 feet tall and had just bumped his head.  I felt sorry for him and went up to find, and found, the leak.  The couple of times we have had this problem before, I have found where the leak is and he climbs up on the roof to fix it.  

Monday, July 26, 2004

I actually tried to post a couple of days ago, but it didn't show up on line sigh...

We swam four days last week.  Then my daughter found out that school started in less than two weeks,  and she is excited.  She even has her back pack packed already,  and counting down the days.  Her birthday is the day before school starts.  Double excitement.   My son is old enough to not look forward to school,  but he does enjoy seeing his friends again. 

We went to eat at Golden Corral Saturday.   I love the shrimp on the buffet.   Soo good.  I even had shrimp for dessert. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Went swimming with the kids today.  They are doing better and better.  The water is warmed up by the hot Georgia sun, and it feels good.  The odd thing is when you get out of the water you feel cold but your feet are burning on the hot cement around the pool. 

I voted today.   I like to do my civic duty.  I have no right to complain if I don't vote, and I like to reserve the right to complain.  

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hubby put a windshield and some saddlebags on his motorcycle today.  It is looking up-to-snuff.
This must be his mid-life crisis.  He got the bike when he was 15 years old.  Now he feels young cruising down the road. 
We grilled out again today.  Yummy!   My parents didn't grill out when we were young.   We would cook hotdogs over a fire, and that was great fun.  The first time hubby grilled for me , we had pork chops.  It was delicious.  We love to grill vegis too. 

Friday, July 16, 2004

Been traveling the last couple of days.   We went to Atlanta to my sister's.  We all went to Six Flags Over Georgia while we were there.  It was fun.  We were standing in line to ride the Mine Train Coaster, and I realized it was 35 years ago that we first rode it.  I am old....    the last bumps through the dark tunnel jerked my back around... ouch.   But I think the Scream Machine was worse.   It was bone jarring and mind rattling at the bottom of the hills.  Yucky.  The upside down newer coasters were smoother(I didn't ride them , my hubby said they were smoother).   Next time I might try one of them.   My children loved the Great Gasp and the flying swings.   I  like to play Wack-A-Mole and the water gun squirt things.  Not many can beat me at Wack-A-Mole,  though my oldest sister says the same... hmm... when was the last time we played each other.... I won five things for the kids.   ( yes I am bragging,  it was fun to win).
On the way home we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.  My husband has been liking them.  Of course the kids and I do too.  I had a vegi  plate that was very tasty.  
When we got home my neighbor called, he had picked up some packages for us that arrived while we were gone.  Hubby went over to pick them up and came back 3 1/2 hours later.   They are older people that I consider friends,  and they don't get much company.  Hubby didn't mind it was relaxing after a long drive to sit and chat. 

Monday, July 12, 2004

Some might wonder how different could south Georgia be to North Alabama. well.... it can be. For one thing the planting time for crops is at least 3 weeks sooner. Which means the summer heat gets here that much sooner too. Speaking of the sun...even in the winter if you are out in the bright sun light you feel your skin getting hot. And being an hour in from the ocean , the humidity reeks. The pavement on the roads has a shorter life.. the cracks appear within a year.
more later....

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I was going to say that I have already spent too much time here in rural America, but then it might not sound to good to some of the good people we have met. When you live a while in one place you start blending in with the scenery. I keep telling the kids (who have spent most of the lives here) that they are Alabamians, like it or not.
My brain just went blank, which happens alot lately. I go to visit my sister in the very large city of Atlanta, once a year. I need a dose of big city stimulation once in a while.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I am happy to say that both my children can put themselves all the way under water, and they are loving it. They don't swim yet, but they have made much progress this week alone.

Tonight I took my son to participate with the Boy Scouts doing a flag ceremony at a meeting. The meeting was to meet the candidates that are running for office around here. I stayed and talked to a few people. I actually liked staying and talking. hmm... My son asked me today why couldn't I run for President of the U.S. uh..huh..sure...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I have been taking the kids to swimming lessons this week. They are making progress. We don't have quick and easy access to a pool around here. So it is hard to let them practice.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Hubby had a day off today... we grilled lots of stuff. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, country style pork ribs and chicken breasts. Also a foil packet of potatoes and onions. A tossed salad on the side was nice. I made homemade icecream, too. I love homemade icecream. It is very good the day you make it. It is still good the next few days, but I like it soft not hard from the freezer.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy Fourth of July!....Terry... My sister is the only one who I know of that reads my blog. Why do I do this you say?... Well.. It is kind of satisfying just to put a few things down. I wish there were an easy way to save this on my computer. I don't like the cutting and pasteing. I think I might try to print this stuff. That would be alot of pages after a while.. in this computer age, that is.
Well... I will be making homemade icecream tomorrow. It is very similar to my sisters recipe at
Happy Happy!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Yesterday was Wal-Mart day.. they got my money again. I got my son a nightstand that I had to put together. My daughter helped me. When I put it in his room, my daughter looked in and said "somethings different, hummph...". She hates change.