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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Today I went back to the dealership where we just bought our new (3 year old) van. Part of the deal we made was for them to put in a CD player. It takes 6 CDs at a time. They put it in today. It sounds GOOD!!! I love it!!
They let me borrow a vehicle to go do my Shopping while they worked on the van. I got to drive a new Dodge Durango with a V8 Hemi engine. I called my husband and said" can you say Hemi" he he ... I new he would be jealous.
I bought a Best of the Beach Boys CD and played it loud in the car. My daughter loved it and we rocked out....

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Today... it was cold .. I had duty outside in the morning helping kids unload from their cars. .. brrrr... Someone brought a large box of donuts to the school this morning. I had two and the cinnamon roll at lunch. ooo.. aren't I healthy. :)
I got the lizard out.. it seemed a shame.. it just wanted to be where it was warm. My son was worried about it being inside. He didn't want it in his room. My mother use to have one as a pet in a large terrarium. We would catch crickets from outside to feed it.
speaking of warm... I put a plant on the floor by a heating vent, because I didn't have anywhere else next to a window to put it. The plant loves it. It sits under a window and has hot air blowing on it. It thrives!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Is it Tuesday already!
sigh* time flys.
Saturday we all went to the party at the sports park. It was fun. The kids got lots of tickets from game machines to get a little prize with at a counter. My husband enjoys putt-putt golf, so we played a game of that. After we went test driving a mini van. It was fun.
Sunday was a good day at church. It is good to be spiritually fed each week.
Monday ... the temperature dropped 30 degrees in an hour or so. I had no jacket on going into the school to work and came out freezing my buns off. We also went after my husband got off of work and got that mini van we tested. Our old one was ten years old, and it has been feeling lately like it might be getting an old and expensive problem to fix. It was running very well and may have not had to have the problem fixed for a year or more. But why take the chance when we can still get something out of it to put towards a new one. Of course new for us is a three year old one. It looks new!
We also came home last night and I turned on the living room light and found a lizard sitting on the handle of one of my baskets. It was bright green, but after spotting us it turned to light brown to match the basket. It was cool. They are harmless. They like to live in the grapevine wreath that I have on my front door. When we open the front door it must have fallen out. I catch them with my daughters butterfly net and put them out on the bushes. (yes this has happened before) .
Today I have not been called into work.. But tomorrow I am booked at the primary school.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Hello to you few people who may read this blah blog.
I worked in kindergarten as a teachers aide today. I like doing the crafty and other similar things around the room for the teachers. Teaching is fine, but I think I would like the helper stuff better. Who wouldn't want to spend the day cutting , pasting , hanging and making all sorts of stuff. The aides each have a duty to do for the school each day too. Today I watched kids for 30 min for the lunch resess time.
Tomorrow my daughter is going to a friends birthday party at a fun sports park. They have Go Carts and putt-putt and video games and stuff. My husband and son are coming too to do their own thing.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Wednesday ... went shopping... splurged on two new pillows , Simmons Beauty Rest, in search of that perfect pillow. Some people like flat pillows, we like fluffy, firm , soft ones.

Today .. subbed in kindergarten.. cute kids... one little boy who I knew last year in pre-K told me he was moving away and that " I will miss you Miss Bonnie"... We call him Van the Man.

tomorrow I will be in a different kindergarten class.. I do love these little kids.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Monday was sick... with what, I don't know... ached around my ribs ... slightly nauseated.. sigh*

Today I subbed for the kindergarten PE teacher. The kids were good.
We went to cubscouts tonight. I brought my sons volcano kit. The boys loved it. My daughter made up her own thing for the girls to do. A shell picture project thing.
My children are bright. They have good imaginations. ( proud parent talking here).

I just listened to the state of the union address, or at least it was on while I finished reading my book. The President sounded good to me. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2004

AAAh.. church today... it feels good and rejuvenating to go to church each week.

My daughter saw a spider in the bathroom this morning. She said it was brown. I couldn't find it so told her it left. This afternoon while my husband and I napped the kids snuck past us sleeping and got my husbands 1,000,000 candle power light and went in search of the spider. They did not find it. Then this evening my daughter in the bathroom yells what sounds like "fire" so I go running, she said "spider" and pointed to it. It was the teeniest little harmless spider. I made the kill for my child. sigh*

Three out of four members of my household are addicted to Game Boy. And my husband is not one of them. I love Mario!!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

:Happy Saturday...
I took the kids to an activity at the church in Douglas this morning. They had them "flying" on an airplane looking down at what other countries were about that we flew over. I liked the Mexican people doing a dance in native costume. They fed them pizza for lunch , so my son was in heaven. He would even stand all the "little" kid stuff if he get s pizza afterwards.
We brought one of my daughters little friends with us and I have never heard that girl talk so much since we have known them.
My sister had a very pretty picture and short movie of a rainbow on her photo site. I love rainbows. I love her cat's blog. I find that I just have to log in to see what the cat has been up to each day. My cat is an outside kitty. He does think that the cars belong to him. Every time we open a door to a vehicle he jumps into the drivers seat and curls up like he can stay. I'm allergic , its not good. :>

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Today is my son's 10th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
He was 7 weeks early, but you would never know by looking at him. He is a smart kid. And I am glad that he is mine....

Last night we slept on the new matress pad. I am still undecided about it. It does make the bed soft , but I think it makes it a little hotter, and the bed doesn't bounce or spring back as well. I like bouncy. But I didn't hurt so much in the shoulders and arms this morning, so I will give it at least a week of testing.

I am going to work in the kindergarten at lunch time today. I love kindergarten! and first grade... etc... fifth graders get a little rough.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It can't be Wednesday already. Didn't I just write in this space yesterday?...
Monday was housework day...enough said...
Tuesday I worked at the Primary School with first and second graders who need a little extra help learning. They were good kids. It was also honors assembly day. My daughter got Perfect Attendance , Honor Roll and the AR award. They are always so excited to get an award of some kind. We had cub scouts on Tues. night. The webelos had fun playing UNO and other games. The Tiger Cub leader is kind enough to allow the girls that have to come with their brothers, to participate in what ever activity the tiger cubs do. They made pinecone bird feeders and scrap books.
Today.. I went shopping at Wal-Mart for groceries and other necessities. Lately I have been spending too much money there.. sigh*... I did buy a thick mattress pad, I have been feeling the springs in my 14 year old mattress. Tonight we went to the church and finally took down the Christmas decorations.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

I enjoyed church today. This afternoon was a lazy day. zzzz....
My daughter had a little scrape on one knee. She got into the Harry Potter bandages and she had three on her knees. They glow in the dark. :) She also can't wait to lose another tooth. It has been well over a year since she lost her first two teeth. Her two front ones have been a little loose for a few months now , but not much progress. Two more teeth are getting a little loose, they will probably all fall out at once. The tooth fairy better have some money on her.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

The word is WHOA. That was it. :)

Today we put together the treadmill. It is actually pretty nice. We are more cramped, but hopefully get more healthy. Of course we had pizza for supper, and tons of waffles for breakfast. I actually wasn't thinking too much of the weight loss part of walking, but more of the health benefits of the excercise. We shall see.....

It is suppose to be 24 here tonight, which means it will be even cooler in N. AL. where my family is. I saw my dog shivering this morning. He does have a very nice dog house with hay and old clothes in it to keep him warm. The dog and cat happen to be friendly with each other.. they don't sleep next to each other , though. The cat has his own warm and cozy bed out side. I am allergic , or they might get to come in.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Woe or Wo or How do you spell it? (you know , like stopping a horse)?
It is Friday already. Wednesday my husband turned 40. the girls at his office got him good, with a little of my help. Go see pictures at . I kept him home for lunch so they could decorate, wink..wink.. ;) With all this partying, I am in danger of gaining more weight after Christmas than during. My sons birthday will be next week. That means more cake to dispose of....

Yesterday I subbed for half a day, then took my son to the dentist. His first ever visit. No cavities!! yay! and good teeth. He loves the dentist dude, he is a good man, and funny. And he is a member of our church, but in another town. Sound familiar sisters dear.. :)

Today , not working, except at home. I see the cat outside hunting birds again. He has gotten a couple of red birds lately.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Day Before School Starts Again... Ahh, my beautiful children will be going back to school.. My daughter says yay! she likes school.. My son gets real sad and doesn't want to go.. I kind of like not working myself, but the subbing helps keep more variety in my life. I would love to have an endless supply of books that I like to read and a comfortable chair; and after I do my house work each day just sit and read.
For our anniversary (which isn't until March) we want to get ourselves a treadmill. There really isn't a good place to put it in our house. But we decided that it will go in our already cramped formal dining room. Maybe if I turn the table in a diagonal position.. hmmm... My husband wants to get it now and it still just be our anniversary gift. I hope it doesn't just sit there and gather too much dust. :)

Monday, January 05, 2004

Monday.. Monday... The only thing that I can think of that I learned new today is.. How to get through world 4-6 in the Super Mario Advance 3 game-boy game. My son will sit there and try to give me helpful advice... hmmm... sometimes it is more hindrance than help. He is very smart , though. He said "Mom, we have different playing styles , so what works for me might not work for you".
My husband is training his beagle to come to him when he blows a certain way on a whistle. The dog will come running very fast... once he realizes the whistle is blowing.
I tried a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough blizzard from DQ tonight. It was pretty good. But my favorites are still Strawberry Cheesequake and Oreo Mint.
Wednesday is my husbands 40th birthday...hmm.. gag gift? or goody bag? :)

Sunday, January 04, 2004

My arms are sore today! Yesterday we got up ate breakfast then went out to tackle the hedges which were in great need of trimming down. I know it is not the right time of year if we want flowers on the azaleas but no matter it gets done when there is time. I used my husbands gas powered hedge trimmer. I liked my Lighter electric one that went dead. Now I have sore arms. We then treated ourselves to a good meal at Captain Joe's Seafood Restaurant. Very good! I like the grilled scallops and grilled shrimp. Had camera , forgot to take photos, drat...

Today we went to church. A lot of people are gone for the holiday vacation time, so we were few in numbers. The sweet 14 year old girl that I teach, gave me a couple of hugs. I missed her too. :) We meet with some good people.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Another new day. It is suppose to get to 71 degrees here today. (Are we sure it is January?).
Just ate lunch made up of leftovers from the last three days. It was pretty good. There are actually some things that taste better as leftovers. Did some cleaning already and sewed the Webelos badge on my sons shirt. He is in cubscouts and enjoys it. My husband is the CubMaster. My son will be moving up to Boy Scouts in August or so. My daughter wants to be a girl scout but there is not an active troup around here. She gets to do so much with the cubscouts that I consider her a scout too. We call our selves the Siblings Den.
School starts back next wednesday. Time flies faster and faster the older I get.

Thursday, January 01, 2004


The kids made it until 11:15 last night. Then I woke them up at 5 til 12, and I shouted Happy New Year and made a big to-do. 30 seconds after midnight the kids dragged themselves to bed with narry a thought for anymore celebrating.
I pray this year finds us all healthy and safe and growing closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior.

We had the traditional blackeyed peas and we had grilled burgers and the chili cheese dip. Was good!

I took down my tree and other Christmas stuff today. It is all I can do to keep it up until New Years Day. I get Christmas let down very fast after the day Santa comes, and just want it to be over already. I need to find a way to keep the spirit longer, like my oldest sister. I would love to be so cheery. :)