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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Last Saturdays chili cookoff was fun. My husbands chili , this year, won the "Most Desired By a Cracker" award. That was the one he was shooting for. He puts half a sleeve of crackers in his bowl of chili. There was some pretty hot chili there too. I did not taste them all. I am a mild chili person. Our recipe is kid friendly.

Another busy week at school. Yesterday the kids got to dress up in their costumes for school and they had a parade in the morning. The teachers have been going all out to suprize everyone with their costumes. This year the second grade teachers all piled out of a black suv wearing black suits and masks of past presidents. The presidential music was playing loudly too. Another group were the seven dwarves, and some got together as one long caterpillar. It was a fun day of partying and no work.

Tonight we took the kids to a city festival to get candy and have some fun. Then we drove them around trick-or-treating. They got MUCH candy. They are picky eaters and don't like 90% of what they got, but they had fun getting it.


Blogger Muddy, said...

Wow -- hard to imagine candy eaters that picky! Congratulations on blogging for a year, now! i tell people that my blog is my journal. lol

October 31, 2004 at 11:15 AM  

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