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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This weekend I went with our church group to a pottery shop. It was actually a ceramics shop. My mother use to do ceramics. She made those Christmas trees that you put lights in. The girls and I got to pick out and paint a small object. I picked a small watermelon shaped bowl. They kept them to glaze and fire in the kiln. It was fun.
Last night I watched the season end of my guilty pleasures. Big Brother and The Amazing Race. The A. Race out classed BB, but it is interesting to watch humans interact sometimes. Both shows were won by nice people for a change. I also like Survivor, which just started.
We are going up to my niece's wedding on Oct. 2. The first of my parents grandchildren to get married. It is a 7 hour trip, and a whirlwind one for us.


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