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Thursday, September 09, 2004

There was no school on the 8th either. We have lots of dirt roads here. One teacher told me that a couple of roads were cut in half with the flooding. I guess it would be hard to take a bus down that road. We ended up with more than 6 inches of rain.
We have cable here, but the storm knocked out one of the companies towers , and I haven't been able to get one of my favorite stations since monday afternoon. I am having to make due with the CSI marathon on Spike TV. And I have run out of books to read. I don't like buying just any book on the shelf. I want recommendations on good books without sex in them. That is annoying when the story has that in it. I want good stories. I have been crocheting with some of my left over yarn. I make baby blankets , mostly. My seven year old daughter said she wanted one. I said no, she has too many blankies already :) I have some felt I got on sale too. I like to make baby quilts with it.


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