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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I was in pre-k everyday last week. At times you could pull your hair out, but then you get attached to the little folks. I always felt time flew by when you are busy. Those of you who keep a daily blog and work full time .... I salute your faithfulness.
The last two days we have been fighting , or I should say watching, the wind and rain. We have heard many things falling on our roof; branches, pecans etc... The power blinks sometimes in a really strong gust. Last night the power blinked and it made the old (previously thought to be broken) door bell, ring, it must just have a loose wire. The kids get an extra day off of school today. I heard 56 school systems in GA are out today. Of course the kids are crushed.. lol

Another way that south GA is different than north AL... Hurricanes...


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