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Monday, August 23, 2004

Had a good weekend. My hubby and I got to sing in a multicongregational choir for our church. (Stake Conference). After the Saturday night session, we went to Krystals . Hubby ordered two sackfuls of burgers. That is 24. We ate them all. Hubby ate 10 1/2 I ate 5 1/2 and my son ate eight. My daughter doesn't eat burgers, she had a small Pup ( thats a little hot dog). My ten year old boy, eats more than I do, when it is something he likes. His feet are bigger than mine, he is already starting to break out on his face, and there are other growing up signs. I didn't know this started so early. sigh... my babies are growing up. Actually, it is fun to watch them grow up.


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