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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Friday was the last day of school. My son had Field Day. I went to support and take some pictures. He was in the pie eating contest, and came in third; he was on the tug of war team with his class and they won! He also did the balloon toss and pennies in the flour. His teacher asked me to go out and represent the class in the adult Hula Hoop contest. All right, I'm a good sport. The class gets extra points for this. I came in second, thankyou, not bad for a 41 year old out of shape mom. His class got second place over all. Go Team!
My daughter had an icecream sundae party the last day. That was fun and tasty too. I went from field day to icecream, nice way to cool off.

Saturday we went to a Food Storage Fair in another town. We did a booth on water storage and powdered milk. The kids actually liked the samples we gave of chocolate and strawberry flavored powdered milk, they wanted to drink lots. There were good samples of bean use and meat and canning stuff.

Today was a good refreshing day at church. Can't miss my weekly dose.


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