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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I didn't work yesterday or today, I was booked for tomorrow, but the teacher cancelled on me. Looks to be a slow work week. Next week there will be a lot of testing going on at the Primary and Elementary schools. I was asked to work at the Elementary school every day for half a day in the mornings, They said me and other subs would be monitoring the kids while they take these important tests.
I just heard on the news that my home town in AL had a mix of rain and snow today. Its April!!! It will be unusually cooler here tomorrow. I think it will be 50 something.

I ran out yesterday of all the kinds of candy and treats that I particularly like. I will probably now just fish around trying anything to sooth my cravings for sweets. Then I will end up just being full but not very satisfied.
So ... just what is the address for chocoholics anonymous?


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