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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

tuesday night at the races... the first up was my son against the only guy who beat him last year. drum rolllllllll....... The other guy won again.... second race that son was in.... He Won.... Third race .. just happened to be against the same guy as in race number one... lost again.. races were over for my sons car. He did not win a trophy this year , after being second the last three years. He did come in fourth out of 14 cars. Not too bad. My husband made my son a car (son helped)(a little) ... then husband made daughter a car, the girls don't get to race the boys but they like to have one of their own anyway. My husband spent time on the boys car to get the weights just right.... I spent little time gluing two large washers to the bottom of my daughters car. We set up the track Monday night for the Tuesday races... we tested the tract with the boys car against the girls car... Drum rollll...... daughters car won every time. Husband couldn't believe it ... he he he... Ended up that my son raced with his sister's car, because ,ofcourse, the fastest car needed to be run against the competition. The car came in fourth, but we were all proud of "Pink" anyway.

Today I went grocery shopping, Love Super Wal-Mart but it can sure suck down your money if you just decide to look around.


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