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Thursday, March 11, 2004

It may be Thursday but it seems like Friday... The kids are out of school tomorrow. There is no particular holiday it is a - just because they want to mental health day for teachers... actually I think it is a built in "snow" day. We don't have snow this far south, but last year we had three days off because of floods on the many dirt roads in the county.
I worked in the second grade group of kids who need a little extra help. They were talkative today, but good kids.

Well our Red Fish has now lived for eight days. He may be a more interesting blogger than me read him at My husband is feeling sorry for him , that there is nothing in his bowl but colored rocks. Most bettas I see don't have much in their bowls. These are different kind of fish, they sometimes just sit on the bottom of the bowl , but are fine. Maybe I could put a picture of a female betta behind his bowl for him to look at.


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