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Friday, February 27, 2004

Where did the week go?????.... I worked Monday and Tuesday and Thursday... today I did grocery shopping.
It has been cold here the last few days. My sister in Hotlanta had snow and the kids got out of school. My kids are really wanting to see snow. Though I think my son would accept flooding if it would get them a day out of school. Speaking of school and my son, the elementary school has been doing an incentive to get the attendance up. All of the kids who make perfect attendence get their names put in a hat and four from each grade get a 25$ check. My son won this time. He is being good about saving his money, but not in the bank. He wants to save for a game or two.
I bought a gourmet cheese cake that has six different kinds of cheesecake all together. I was disappointed in the taste. Though my husband likes them. I think one of my favorite cheescakes is still the Royal No-bake from a box. A good NewYork cheesecake from a restaurant is nice too.


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