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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Sunday.. Sunday...
Actually Saturday first... went to eat mexican again. We can't get enough of the place. Got to eat there at least once a month. bought new shirt at Cato's ... bought daughter a new dress at K-mart. My husband (and son) worked on his Pinewood Derby car. It is flouresent orange. The racing was so close last year that I wondered if the dark color of the car made it hard for the judge to see. Sooo ... this year it is unmistakable. Maybe that is all the judges eyes will see is my sons car... hehe he.

Today was good.. so far... I plan to stay up and watch as much of the Academy Awards as I can stand. When I go without sleep, it is hard on me for the next couple of days.

After church one girls mom went home real quick and brought back her little puppy , a tiny Shitzu. It is sooo cute and doesnt shed and I didn't feel sneezy or itchy. hmmm.. trying to talk husband into letting my keep one in the house.


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