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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Not working today either... am booked tomorrow , though...
I have already walked on the treadmill.. and did some cleaning... My son called from school to inform me that he got hit with a basketball and his glasses got malformed some how.. can't wait to see that and if it will cost me anything.
My cat follows me out to the mailbox.. he walks in front of me almost tripping me (all cats that I have known seem to think this is the thing to do) He rolls on the ground in front of me like he wants attention... but when I reach down to pet him , he bends his back away from me... It seems that he wants petting and attention soo bad but doesn't like it at the same time.. go figure...
Today in my local small town newspaper , the front page was about a peanut processing plant opening up for in season jobs... I did say small town...


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