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Friday, February 06, 2004

I worked in the Elementary School library today. I loved it. I really like doing all the jobs that help teachers and kids from the sidelines.

It rained and blustered here a little bit all day.

I watch Survivor whenever it is on. Last night on the AllStar version, they voted off Rudy. I love Rudy. Everyone cried when they booted him off. He had hurt his foot and the other team mates thought he was struggling with the competitions. There was one faithful team mate that said " there is no way I am writing Rudy's name down" . We also like to watch that Donald Trump show. The women have been kicking the men's behinds. This week they mixed up the teams, now they are co-ed. And a woman got fired for the first time. I have always liked CSI, but this season they have been getting grosser. I still like the story lines just not the show of gore. I like Alias too. Sydney's dad, Jack, is a cool customer.

I gave my son a giant book of jokes for kids. Now we have a comedian in the house. I gave my daughter a giant book on horses. Now she is in horsey heaven.


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