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Saturday, January 10, 2004

The word is WHOA. That was it. :)

Today we put together the treadmill. It is actually pretty nice. We are more cramped, but hopefully get more healthy. Of course we had pizza for supper, and tons of waffles for breakfast. I actually wasn't thinking too much of the weight loss part of walking, but more of the health benefits of the excercise. We shall see.....

It is suppose to be 24 here tonight, which means it will be even cooler in N. AL. where my family is. I saw my dog shivering this morning. He does have a very nice dog house with hay and old clothes in it to keep him warm. The dog and cat happen to be friendly with each other.. they don't sleep next to each other , though. The cat has his own warm and cozy bed out side. I am allergic , or they might get to come in.


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