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Friday, January 09, 2004

Woe or Wo or How do you spell it? (you know , like stopping a horse)?
It is Friday already. Wednesday my husband turned 40. the girls at his office got him good, with a little of my help. Go see pictures at . I kept him home for lunch so they could decorate, wink..wink.. ;) With all this partying, I am in danger of gaining more weight after Christmas than during. My sons birthday will be next week. That means more cake to dispose of....

Yesterday I subbed for half a day, then took my son to the dentist. His first ever visit. No cavities!! yay! and good teeth. He loves the dentist dude, he is a good man, and funny. And he is a member of our church, but in another town. Sound familiar sisters dear.. :)

Today , not working, except at home. I see the cat outside hunting birds again. He has gotten a couple of red birds lately.


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