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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Is it Tuesday already!
sigh* time flys.
Saturday we all went to the party at the sports park. It was fun. The kids got lots of tickets from game machines to get a little prize with at a counter. My husband enjoys putt-putt golf, so we played a game of that. After we went test driving a mini van. It was fun.
Sunday was a good day at church. It is good to be spiritually fed each week.
Monday ... the temperature dropped 30 degrees in an hour or so. I had no jacket on going into the school to work and came out freezing my buns off. We also went after my husband got off of work and got that mini van we tested. Our old one was ten years old, and it has been feeling lately like it might be getting an old and expensive problem to fix. It was running very well and may have not had to have the problem fixed for a year or more. But why take the chance when we can still get something out of it to put towards a new one. Of course new for us is a three year old one. It looks new!
We also came home last night and I turned on the living room light and found a lizard sitting on the handle of one of my baskets. It was bright green, but after spotting us it turned to light brown to match the basket. It was cool. They are harmless. They like to live in the grapevine wreath that I have on my front door. When we open the front door it must have fallen out. I catch them with my daughters butterfly net and put them out on the bushes. (yes this has happened before) .
Today I have not been called into work.. But tomorrow I am booked at the primary school.


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