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Saturday, January 17, 2004

:Happy Saturday...
I took the kids to an activity at the church in Douglas this morning. They had them "flying" on an airplane looking down at what other countries were about that we flew over. I liked the Mexican people doing a dance in native costume. They fed them pizza for lunch , so my son was in heaven. He would even stand all the "little" kid stuff if he get s pizza afterwards.
We brought one of my daughters little friends with us and I have never heard that girl talk so much since we have known them.
My sister had a very pretty picture and short movie of a rainbow on her photo site. I love rainbows. I love her cat's blog. I find that I just have to log in to see what the cat has been up to each day. My cat is an outside kitty. He does think that the cars belong to him. Every time we open a door to a vehicle he jumps into the drivers seat and curls up like he can stay. I'm allergic , its not good. :>


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