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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Day Before School Starts Again... Ahh, my beautiful children will be going back to school.. My daughter says yay! she likes school.. My son gets real sad and doesn't want to go.. I kind of like not working myself, but the subbing helps keep more variety in my life. I would love to have an endless supply of books that I like to read and a comfortable chair; and after I do my house work each day just sit and read.
For our anniversary (which isn't until March) we want to get ourselves a treadmill. There really isn't a good place to put it in our house. But we decided that it will go in our already cramped formal dining room. Maybe if I turn the table in a diagonal position.. hmmm... My husband wants to get it now and it still just be our anniversary gift. I hope it doesn't just sit there and gather too much dust. :)


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