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Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Went searching for a pumpkin for my daughters first grade class today.
Found nothing. Two days before Halloween and there are no pumpkins to be found. I was tempted to stop at this one house in town that I saw had five of them on their porch. Ok.. I did stop but no one was home. I was going to offer to pay for one. I was too afraid to go back this evening and try again. Called the teacher and she said that one mom said she had an extra one. I called her but was only able to leave a message and she is out of town through tomorrow. I hope she gets the message before she comes to school on Friday morning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Today I taught half a day with the third grade and the second half with fourth graders. Children these days can really talk, and talk and talk .........
I took my ibuprofen this morning before I left. :)

It has been raining here all day. My neighbor says that he recorded 3 inches. It was suppose to get in the 40's but the front stalled and it is not cold, just wet.

Joke - Why did the chicken REALLY cross the road?

To show the opossum it CAN be Done!

Monday, October 27, 2003


My daughter has been ready for Halloween for two months now. She decorated her room on the first of September. This week in school is red ribbon week, to teach the kids to say NO to drugs. Each day they get to dress up with a little something culminating on friday when they get to wear thier costumes and party all day. I am already worn out just watching her excitment.
today teachers (including us subs) and kids get to wear team shirts to school. I am going to bravely wear my ALABAMA ROLL TIDE t-shirt this afternoon in the midst of all the Georgia fans.
see ya later (I hope). :)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Time again

I don't care for the switching of times every six months, either. It takes one night to get use to the falling back and an extra hour of sleep. But when it comes to springing forward, I never seem to get use to that one. I never get that hour back in my sleep bank.

Christmas in October

I truly think that Christmas advertising is getting earlier each year. I was ready to take umbrige until I reflected more on it. I now wonder if it shouldn't be Christmas all year long. If everyone was thinking and acting with a christian attude and christian deeds all year , would'nt that be great.

Saturday, October 25, 2003


The time on these postings are incorrect. I am attempting to get it right.

OOps ..

still not right . it is really ten fifty five am.

much better!!

Cub Scouts

Tonight our cub scout pack is having a camp out. The pond where the camp site is , does not have bathroom facilities; so my husband spent several hours last evening building a toilet and a urinal (of all things). I told him that the scout book showed how to dig a trench for the purpose, but he loves to invent and build things. So a my husband built this fancy latreen and is quite pleased with himself. :) I spent this morning , already, at the grocery store getting food supplies. And now I will make poor man's foil packets for the scouts to eat. Of course some hotdogs will be available, and s'mores for dessert. My daughter and I will not sleep there, one campout a year is all I am good for, and I have had my fill already.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Hello everyone!
I am new at this and will attempt to put every one to sleep almost every day.
When I picked my daughter up at school today, she asked me what did I do today. I told her that I did some laundry and read some magazines. She kept saying "what else?" even though I assured her that laundry and magazines were about it, she couldn't believe that was all. I do substitute teach a couple times or more a week, so maybe every day won't be to boring to my daughter.