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Monday, December 22, 2003

Sunday - We were few in numbers at church today. Some out of town and some sick. It was still a good meeting. We enjoyed the Christmas Spirit and one anothers company.

Monday - I ran some errands today with my daughter , in town. My son stayed home. They kids were in constant contact with each other using their wrist band two way radios that Santa brought them. Cool stuff.
We will be traveling a few days this week visiting family. I doubt anyone but family reads this , so if I am off my blogging for a these days then my family won't miss much , cause I will be seeing them.
I need to get myself a tred mill. I don't like walking in weather that is not perfect. sigh* I am such a home body. It has been cold here lately, and I see how it will be even colder where we are going.


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