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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Two days after Halloween
My jack-o-lantern is still on my front porch. After all we eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It will probably rot in a couple of days. My son was drawing turkeys in church today. I bring funky crayons and pads of paper to keep the kids busy and quiet. I sometimes get other kids in the congregation sitting next to me. Just call me the nursery :). I love the kids at church.

I don't know about the allergy problems in other parts of the country , but here in south GA they are bad. Everyone I know has sinus trouble and/or is on allergy medicine. My daughter has a cough that comes and goes , and a constant drippy nose. I have a constant sinus headache and drainage. My sinus doctor wanted to send me to a neurologists to see if something else was causing my headaches. Those doctors are too expensive, and I know it is mostly from my sinuses. Allergy meds cause me headaches too. It is probably something I will have to live with as long as I live down here.
Well, now I have bored ya'll with my complaint. I will not do so again. :)


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