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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

This morning I boiled a chicken to use for dressing tomorrow. I saved the wish bone to show the kids and see if they wanted to break it to see whos wish would come true. The bone would not break, it was slippery. So I told them that it was saying that they both got their wish. A little while later my daughter came in to me very sad. She said that her wish did not come true. I asked her what she had wished, that she could tell me. She had wished that she could fly... She was serious, and would not accept any explanation of why she couldn't with out a plane or parachute or hanglider (etc..). She kept looking to me asking hoping that I could come up with a way for her wish to come true. I had her call her daddy at work and he just said the same things I did. Her nine year old big brother wanted to make her happy and started making paper wings , and kites and he was full of ideas to make her happy. She finally wasn't so sad. I later made a paper airplane with a paper girl in it with her name on it, and she had fun throwing it around. She is a sweet heart and has a good big brother.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!


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