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Thursday, November 06, 2003

I love my new vacuum! I am amazed at how much more dirt it picks up than my old one. My daughter and I have allergies and this vacuum has four filters and promised to pick up dust mite stuff and ragweed pollen, which we both are allergic to.

Speaking of chocolate again, I did get myself some. I have chocolate icecream, I made some chocolate chip cookies and I have chocolate chip trail mix. Not to mention all the Halloween candy laying around. There is a leftover brownie in the frig. , though how it got left I will never understand.

My husband has already told me what he wants on the menu for Thanksgiving. Lots of starch and turkey protein, One green vegetable and one orange starch . Though I hear that sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods , like broccoli (which we are not having). I have attempted to make his grandmothers dressing recipe a couple of times now , I think it has tasted good, but it is usually not moist enough for him. This year I will add more broth!


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